Leatherock gets “The Gatsby Look”

gatsbyThe Leatherock team were queuing up to see ‘The Great Gatsby’ when it recently burst into theatres and much to our approval it delivered all the glamour and hype that it had promised. In doing so it has sparked a 1920’s fashion revival up and down the country.

The ladies at Leatherock love The Gatsby Look, the luxurious silk fabrics, beads, sequins, low waist lines and art deco jewellery. The style possibilities are truly endless therefore it comes as no surprise that women are searching to recreate the style of the era.

At Leatherock we have selected their favourite look from the film for you to recreate, a sophisticated style which radiates 1920’s elegance but won’t look out of place in modern times. As beautiful as leading lady Daisy Buchanan is in her elaborately embellished dresses it is Jordan Baker’s elegant and sporty style that is a clear winner in the style stakes for us when recreating the Gatsby look.

Putting together your Gatsby inspired look needs to be done with great care as you want to avoid looking like you have just stepped out of a costume store. That’s why Baker’s outfit is perfect. A simple black dress that shows off the shoulders and arms teamed with statement accessorises.  Try combining your own black dress with the Leatherock’s Gatsby belt. Crafted in the United States this stunning art deco inspired belt features clear embellishments that when worn around your hips gives the appearance of the dress having a low waist line which truly captures the essence of the 20’s. The dropped waist creates a beautiful silhouette and works for practically any body shape. Our Gatsby inspired belt quickly becomes the focal point of this outfit. Continue to further accessorise the dress with ornate jewellery, an elaborate cuff like Leatherock’s Crystal Waves Bracelet which is finished with Swarovski crystals evokes the era perfectly adding just the right amount of glamour.

Gatsby style Crystal Waves Cuff

Gatsby style Crystal Waves Cuff

Gatsby style belt by Leatherock.com

Gatsby style belt by Leatherock